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European Door and Cabinet Hardware

From the start, the company has been devoted to developing new and innovative door hardware and cabinet hardware in the tradition of the finest French design and craftsmanship. The style of these levers, knobs and ecutcheans have influenced the trends in decorative hardware in Europe.

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When Henri Bouvet began creating decorative hardware in 1884, he established a French tradition of impeccable craftsmanship and innovative style that would become legendary. His clientele quickly expanded throughout Europe.
Today, his ageless hardware still accents the ancient doors and furniture of the regionís finest homes.
Carrying on the companyís celebrated heritage, Bouvet continues to create original designs that reflect modern expectations of quality and authenticity. Although, it has been more than a century, the sound of the forgerís hammer can still be heard as Bouvet produces its timeless classics.
All of our enduring door hardware designs are inspired by the finest traditional French shapes, lines and craftsmanship and destined to add the ultimate finishing touches to beautiful homes around the world.
At Bouvet, the meticulous shaping of raw, hot metal has always been the work of human hands.
Using only an anvil and a hammer, our master forgers individually hand forge most of the companyís renowned handles, levers and doorknobs, in essence, forging authenticity one piece at a time.
Our trademark collections and finishes are the fruits of the Bouvet vision articulated by the peerless talents of these skilled artisans.
Bouvet offers a wide selection of unique and original hardware designs that promises to satisfy many tastes.
Anyone seeking individuality, refined elegance, and unsurpassed workmanship is guaranteed the utmost in style and craftsmanship.